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To provide you with a range of reliable and efficient technological solutions, our products and services are divided into three complementary areas: traceability, technology, and consulting services.

A true reference in traceability since 2001, Attestra deploys its services thanks to a professional and innovative team that is dedicated to optimizing your activities. Pioneers in the field, our advisers accompany you on a daily basis with attentiveness, availability and competency in order to offer you high-performance and adapted tools.


Efficient traceability systems, making it possible to go up the chain and react quickly in the event of a crisis or other issues.

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An expertise useful to the community, with a view to creating added value.

In September 2001, Agri-Traçabilité Québec (ATQ) was created to manage the first traceability database for agricultural products in Québec’s livestock sector. With the collaboration of all stakeholders (producers, industry, and government), the first years of traceability implementation were devoted to implementing appropriate regulatory framework and developing reliable traceability tools.

Pioneers in matters of traceability, we have put our know-how to good use in the implementation of regulated traceability systems by developing the most efficient solutions that are focused on the needs of Québec and Canadian organizations. Over time, traceability needs have diversified toward collecting and tracking information related to the complete traceability of products, animal health, biosecurity, animal welfare and antibiotic resistance. By responding to the diversification of traceability needs, ATQ became a key player in the industry’s value chain.

It was just one step to move from ATQ to Attestra, but one that broadens our horizons considerably. From animal traceability to contaminated soils, and through dozens of applications that are yet to be imagined, our identity is ready to introduce a multitude of new services!

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