Feeder Cattle and Slaughter Cattle – What’s new in 2022 for your event declarations

Starting with the 2022 insurance year, La Financière agricole du Québec (FADQ) will use only Attestra data to establish the insurable volume of all insured beef cattle, regardless of the product. This new approach maintains the quality of your insurable volume evaluation while reducing your administrative procedures.

A single point of contact and a single source of official data offer many benefits, including:

  • simplification of the declaration process for all the events in the life of your animals related to traceability or insurability.
  • ignificant reduction in the number of supporting documents to be sent to the FADQ and to the Producteurs de bovins du Québec (PBQ).
  • removal of the 45-day deadline required by the FADQ for the declaration of entries and exits.
  • abolition of penalties for late filing.
  • removal of the requirement and timeframe to submit direct sales documentation to the
  • possibility of consulting your inventory at the FADQ through your online file.
  • streamlined process and other adjustments to harmonize the administrative processing
    of feeder cattle and slaughter cattle products.

For further information, please contact your FDAQ service centre.