Technological Solutions

Design, development and maintenance of innovative solutions adapted to your needs.

In an ever-changing globalized economy, responsiveness is an asset. Our innovative solutions are adapted to your business realities. We use recognized benchmarks and methodologies, such as:

  • Traceability solution adapted from the Agri-TraceMD web platform
    • Dynamic and flexible architecture 
    • Modular approach 
    • Secure access 
    • Tracking and epidemiological management module
  • Mobile solutions 
  • Information exchange solutions 
  • Reporting and business intelligent solutions
  • Solutions adapted to the needs of the agricultural community and environmental sector, pet management, etc.


Alatrace - a pet registry that is an accessible solution and at the service of your community!

Attestra offers you a pet registry solution that allows you to manage your pets in accordance with current municipal and provincial regulations. Registration of pets, online payment for permits, events and information on the life of an animal, traceability for interventions with owners and more, all in the same app.

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