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Highlighting the organization’s achievements and showcasing the essential contribution of our colleagues to our daily work, the presentation of our activity reports always evokes a great sense of pride in what has been accomplished.

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The 2022-2023 Activity Report highlights the human factor at the heart of each of our activities. 

Attestra has had a very busy year, both in providing daily services and in preparing for the future. Our employees have shown commitment and professionalism by successfully adapting to a constantly evolving environment: they are the true architects of this exceptional success.

Despite the growing importance of information technology and artificial intelligence, it is important to remember that our actions are primarily based on individuals of great value.

2022-2023 Activity Report

June 13, 2023

Longueuil, June 13, 2023 In oenology, the appellation “grand cru” is the most distinctive way to characterize a wine made from exceptional grape varieties. If Attestra were a grand cru champagne, the past twelve months would make it a prestigious vintage, a unique blend of effort and actions by all stakeholders in the organization that […]


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