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Attestra is a dynamic community whose scope allows for a variety of services and attracts the best talents in search of challenges and learning opportunities. Its friendly and agile
atmosphere promotes interactions and quick decision-making.

A united, agile, and caring team

We are fortunate to have among us experts who possess remarkable experience and in-depth knowledge of our organization. Over the years, they have been able to develop a strong mutual understanding and establish trusting relationships. This dynamic promotes smooth and effective communication, which enhances the work environment and strengthens team spirit.

The flexibility necessary for your work-life balance.

At Attestra, we firmly believe that the balance between professional and family obligations is a collective responsibility. We are aware that the employer plays a crucial role in this area and we understand the importance of supporting our employees in their quest for work-life balance.

Work-life balance

Time off and vacations

Flexible hybrid working mode

Training opportunities

Group insurance

Competitive compensation

Childcare centre (CPE)

“In the 22 years I’ve been working for Attestra, the golden rule has always been to take a human approach to our clients, taking the time to listen and understand their issue, answering their questions, and even taking two minutes to talk about the weather, all the while keeping a smile on your voice.”


Project Agent

“Since joining Attestra in 2021, I’ve been lucky enough to discover a team that is competent, efficient and rigorous all at once, and also wonderful colleagues.”


Administrative Technician

“After 14 years and counting, I can say that Attestra has seen it all and that the organization has always been able to adapt to the most complex situations, with everyone rolling up their sleeves when it’s time to do so. There is collaboration and trust within this great team.”


Executive Assitant

“The team spirit, the colleagues I’ve worked with and who are still here, is what encourages me to come out of retirement from time to time and contribute, with my experience, to supporting Customer Service during peak periods.”


Customer Service Agent

“I’ve been part of this dynamic team for 17 years now: over the years I’ve helped to implement a number of changes and I still love working at Attestra. A great team, it’s well supervised and supported!”


Customer Service Agent

“What I like about working at Attestra is the spirit of cooperation between colleagues and teams. It’s a healthy work environment, full of respect and courtesy. Every day is a learning opportunity. I appreciate that professional development and ongoing training are valued.”


Administrative Technician – Customer Service

“When I arrived at Attestra in November 2021, I was welcomed with great enthusiasm and professionalism. My integration went very well, and I quickly developed a sense of belonging to this dynamic and competent team.”


Project Manager and Business Analyst

“Four words to describe Attestra: rigour, humanity and good spirit.”


Analyst Programmer, Mobile Architect

“As a new employee, I was really well received by my superiors and colleagues: the Attestra team stands out for its ambience on a daily basis, always full of humour and team spirit.”

Marie-Ève T.

Customer Service Agent

“The things I like most about working at Attestra, after about a year now: the competent team who are always ready to lend a hand, the varied and interesting tasks, and the flexibility of teleworking which offers work-life balance.”

Francis R.

Analyst Programmer

The organization has adopted a flexible hybrid work mode that allows employees to enjoy the best of both worlds!

Working from the Longueuil office to take advantage of the presence of colleagues, exchange ideas, and participate in various activities, or working remotely to optimize concentration and easily balance work and family?

The office attendance schedules are organized based on the needs of different departments, at the discretion of managers and in consultation with employees.

The appreciation of training is essential for us. We firmly believe in the continuous improvement of our team’s skills and the need to enhance our competitiveness in an ever-changing job market.

By working closely with their supervisor, all employees target the trainings that they find most useful to improve their skills, knowledge, and attitudes. Through our approach, everyone can fully exploit their potential, and we are convinced that this translates into individual benefits for our employees, as well as collective growth and success.

The members of the Attestra team recently created a social committee, and they have worked with management to organize various activities throughout the past year.

In addition, the UPA’s Human Resources Management Department (DGRH) also organizes social activities for all employees. It is a great opportunity to meet other colleagues who work at the UPA.

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