Our team

Attestra can be proud to rely on resources that possess a great expertise of the system and have been working within the organization for many years.

Attestra's team

At Attestra, our services are primarily made possible by our employees, who form a competent and dedicated team that strives to provide high-quality service. Our experts design, develop, and utilize tailored systems and tools, while demonstrating discernment and valuing communication and personalized service.

Our managers

General Management

Customer Service & Technical Support

Projects & Development

Information Technology Services

Administration & Finance

General Management

Our General Manager, Ms. Marie-Christine Talbot, has been in her position since September 2011. Responsible for overseeing daily operations and supervising the management team, she strives to maintain the highest standards in risk management and regulatory compliance, while promoting innovation and the sustainability of the company.

Under her supervision is a small, tightly-knit team that is highly efficient and rigorous, ensuring the smooth progress of all logistical and administrative matters, and collaborating effectively in the flow of communications.

The Customer Service Department Management

Ms. Vanessa Fontaine has been the Customer Service and Partner Relationship Director since December 2021. The Customer Service Department is divided into two groups: Customer Service (CS) and Technical Support (TS).

The large CS team includes a team leader, an administrative technician, a senior agent, as well as several customer service agents.

Their common objective is to optimally respond to the requests of SimpliTRACE and Traces Québec stakeholders.

The Projects & Development Department Management

Employed at Attestra since 2019, Ms. Claudia Bérard has been serving as the Projects and Development Director since February 2022.

The members of our renewed team are committed to evolving our ways of doing things and are fully invested in the success of each project. Our project managers maintain strong business relationships and our team possesses diverse and complementary expertise. Like for the entire organization, the sharing of information and mutual respect are essential elements that unite the members of our team.

The Information Technology Department Management

Mr. Mark Alexandre Allen-Lefebvre, who has been with us for 15 years, has been serving as the Information Technology Director since 2018.

This team is composed of several experts specialized in management, infrastructure, development, and system maintenance. Thanks to their diversified expertise, we are able to provide comprehensive technical support for twenty-seven different applications.

The Administration & Finance Services Department Management

Under the leadership of Mr. Richard Pelletier, who has been in office since 2017, this team includes members with 21 and 16 years of seniority, respectively.

The members of this small team operate in an open and collaborative work environment, with a constant focus on improving our services. They also ensure the maintenance of our ISO 9001 certification through internal and external monitoring and audits, as well as the financial management of various projects. Additionally, they are responsible for preparing financial reports that will be presented to the relevant authorities throughout the year.