Livertock | Bovine Production

Attestra develops, implements and maintains identification and traceability systems that provide the following advantages: 

  • Quickly contains and eliminates a crisis, enabling a rapid response in the case of a disease affecting livestock or a food safety hazard; 
  • Tracks any identified animal to its original herd or any agri-food product to its place of production, by knowing its history, movements and current location; 
  • Improves diagnostic and surveillance capacity and thus reduces risks associated with the export and import of animals and agri-food products.


Bovine Production


Bovine identification & traceability reference guide for producers and custodians*

Forms and Information Sheets

Registration Form*

Information Exchange Consent Form Angus*

Information Exchange Consent Form Limousin*

Data Transfer

Declaration of tag installation: bovine arrivals, departures and movement (French only)*

Cow-Calves Checklist (French only)*

Feeder Cattle and Slaughter Cattle Checklist (French only)*

Animal Identification

Ultraflex Tag Data Sheet

Applying the Tags for Optimal Results

For consultation

Information Sheet*

Product Price List*

Limousin tag order procedure*


*These documents are also available in the Livestock Animal Traceability section of our website, on the Regulation page.